RSS Feed problem

Update: Google fixed the issue, and we have that old rss feed back now, So those who Not installed the new toolbar will start working now. The New Rss feed also will work. So nothing need to be changed either for the old one or for the new one.

We have an issue with RSS feed. Hopefully it will be ok in next few hours otherwise, will be providing a new RSS feed address. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Three things

1. RSS feed issue still not fixed, waiting for Google to reply on that. I deleted my existing RSS feed and tried to create a new one, but Google says it already exists.

2. Created a new RSS Feed or  earlier it was (

3. For the users of Toolbar, Please re install the toolbar, since that news ticker and Post list is loading from old RSS feed, which will not work now. (Sorry for this)

If the Google put the old url back, everything will be working fine again. but am not sure when they will do that, or they will do it or not.

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