101 Ayyappa Devotional Songs Collection

Aadhi Moola Param Porulaam


Aanayaananan -Ayyappa Gaanam


Aayiram Swethaswa


Akshara Brahmamayi Vedangal

Anantha Puram Oru Aananda

Anayunne Ponnum Pandala

Anil Panachooran-Parvathi (Poem)



Athikaloda Thandukal

Ayyane Ponnayyane

Ayyappa Nin Meyyil

Ayyappa saranam -Ayyappa Gaanam

Ayyappa Swami

Baali Keramala-Ayyappa Gaanam

Bagavan Sharanam


Chodichathokkeyum Chodikka



Ee Malamukaleri Vazhum Ayyappa

Ethra Nadannalum Ethanam

Ethu Raaganthil-Ayyappa Gaanam

Ganapathi Bhagavane Niravadhi

Gangayaru pirakkunnu




Idavazhiyum Nadavazhiyum


Kadampuzha Theertham Aadan


Kannadi Vilakkundu-Ayyappa Gaanam

Karpoora Priyane Nin

Karpoora Priyane Ninn


Kattilund vanya mrgangal


Maala Charthum Naal


Makara Sankramam


Malayaja Gandhamiyannoru


Manathu Makaravilakku

Mandaram Malarmazha



Mantala ulsavakalam


Mathavairam Illatha



Moolokam Ambadi Aayi

Nammude Yatra



neela Malayude Mukalil

Onnaam Thrippadi

Onnaam Thrippadi

ore oru lakshyam

Oru Manthram Thiru Manthram

Padipooja Kazhinju

pallikattu sabarimalaikku

Pamba Vilakkinu

Pambe Nee Unaroo

Pandente Hridayamam


Parakotti Paadunne-Ayyappa Gaanam

Pathinettu Padiyilum-Ayyappa Gaanam

Ponnambala Nada

Punarjani Noozhunna Purusha


Saranam Harihara Suthane

Saranam Pampa Ganapathy

Sharanam viliyude



Sheelichu Poyi Njan

Shwetha Kethu-Ayyappa Gaanam

Snehattin Himabindu


Swami Sangeetham

Swami Saranam

Swami Sharanam Sharanam

Swami sharanam


Thalavatta Thakil-Ayyappa Gaanam

Thamboolam Vechu-Ayyappa Gaanam

Thedi varum kannukalil

Thirumandham Kunnilamme



Ushassukal Ambala Vaathil


Veeramani Kantanayyan

Vrichika Pularvela

Vrischika Rathriyam

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