Download songs toolbar - Get updates on your browser, never miss a song posted

First of all for those who are not using the toolbar. This toolbar is created by conduit, you can read more about them here. This toolbar will help you to get the latest update from as a news ticker. It also includes a popup blocker, Google powered search, Twitter reader, RSS feed reader, some useful links. This can work on IE, Firefox and Safari. We have updated the Download songs toolbar. The main changes are the following I. Changed name from "Download Songs" to Raagam II. Added 3 new applications 1. World Cup 2010   2. Free Online Games - 3. Similar Sites But before you start downloading it, read the Privacy Policy here which covers the following topics No Spyware Policy Third Party Features and Content No Adware Policy Unobtrusive Easy uninstall Easy deactivation Full control Report Currently we have var __culture='en';var __bannerBaseUrl = ''; var __counterType = 'Textual';var __ctid = 'CT2133671'; var __counterKey = '0c9a90e1ff1d1c358df1471c1715670b'; var __downloadUrl = ''; __CreateToolbarCounter(); So if you are still interested, you can download the toolbar, using the download button below or using the following link Download Songs toolbar var ctId = 'CT2133671';var downloadButtonBannerCulture = 'en';var setup=true;var clientBaseUrl=''; __CreateDownloadToolbar();