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Raveendrasangeetham–Free Mp3 Songs of Raveendran Master


Belt Mathai, Rajeevam Vidarum, Yesudas, Poovachal Khader, Raveendran

Ente Nandinikkuttikku, Puzhayorazhakullapennu, Yesudas, Raveendran

Geetham, Aromal Hamsame, Yesudas, Chitra, Bichu Thirumala, Raveendran

Idaya raaga  Ramana dukham, UNCLE BUN

Ithiripoove Chuvannapoove, Ponpularoli, Raveendran

Kaliyil Alpam Karyam, Kannodu Kannaya Swapnangal, Sathyan Anthikkadu, Raveendran

Kaliyil alpam kaaryam , Manathaaril ennum

Kayyum Thalayum Purathidaruthu, Aakasaneelima, Yesudas, Mullanezhi, Raveendran

Mazhanilavu, Ravil Raganilavil, Janaki, Poovachal Khader, Raveendran

Mindapoochakku Kalyanam, Medamasapulari, Raveendran

Thammil Thammil, Hridayam Oru Veenayai, Raveendran

Tharake, Choola, Raveendran

Thenum Vayambum, Ottakkambi Naadam, Raveendran

aduthaduthu, illikkadum chellakattum, sathyan anthikkadu, raveendran

kanmadham, doore karalilurukumoru , yesudas, girish puthenchery, raveendran

kanmadham, moovanthithazhvarayil , yesudas, girish puthenchery, raveendran

mazhanilavu, rithumathiyai, raveendran, poovachal khader

mindapoochakku kalyanam, kattodum, raveendran

thalam thettiya tharattu, hemanthageetham, yesudas,janaki, rk damodaran, raveendran

thammil thammil, nishayude chirakil, raveendran


Raveendra Sangeetham - Download songs from 4Shared

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119 Umbayi Gazals – Download Free Mp3 Umbai Ghazals

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119 Umbayi Gazals – Download Free Mp3 Umbai Ghazals

Akale Mounam Pool

Umbayi - Pranayaganangal

Umbayi - Akalemounampol

Umbayi - Mohanamee rathri

Umbayi - Mazhayil kulicha

Umbayi - Madhuramee

Umbayi - Oru

Umbayi - Parayathe paribhavam

Umbayi - Vazhikal

Umbayi – Ekanthamee



Umbayi - Veendum padam umabyi

Umbayi - Sunayane sakhi

Umbayi - Anuragamennu

Umbayi - Nilave

Umbayi - Ganapriyare

Umbayi - Veendum padaminstrumental

Umbayi - Kanuka nammal

Umbayi - Arha nisayil

Umbayi - Manaswini

Umbayi – Kallalla



Umbayi - Surumayezhuthiya

Umbayi - Ninne punaran

Umbayi - Premichu premichu

Umbayi - Syamasundara

Umbayi - Pournamichandrika

Umbayi - Vennatholkkumudalode

Umbayi - Kadale neela

Umbayi - Sumangali nee

Umbayi - Ente swapnathin

Umbayi - Hridayamurugi nee


Ithuvare Sakhi ninne Kaathirunnu

Umbayi - Athira Kulirezhum Unmadalahariyil

Umbayi - Enne Unrtheettengupoy Nee

Umbayi - Ivideyee Varthinkalum

Umbayi - Nalereyayi Nada

Umbayi - Nee Varumennorthu

Umbayi - Nimisham Kondoru

Umbayi - Oru Manjuthulli

Umbayi - Oru Poovidarnnapole

Umbayi - Vishu Kazhinjenkilum


Madhuramee Ganam

Umbayi - Oru pushpam matram

Umbayi - Laksharchana kandu

Umbayi - Vakappoo

Umbayi - Gopurakilivathil

Umbayi - Chembaka

Umbayi - Innale mayangumbol

Umbayi - Thamasamenthey

Umbayi - Chandrabimbam

Umbayi - Indravallari

Umbayi – Pranasakhi



Umbayi - Kaatte nee

Umbayi - Nalathey

Umbayi - Pennungal

Umbayi - Vandu njan

Umbayi - Maanennum

Umbayi - Premamennalenthu

Umbayi - Karalil thee

Umbayi - Naadinu vendi


Nandi Priyasakhi Nandi

Umbayi -  Nandi Priyasakhi Nandi

Umbayi -  Puthiyoru Ragam Paduka

Umbayi -  Mavukal Poothu

Umbayi -  Sukharathriyodungukayayi

Umbayi -  Ethra Purathanamengilum

Umbayi -  Nidrayil Verumoru Swapnamay

Umbayi -  Vathilkal Mutti

Umbayi -  Pookkalirukkaruthe Aruthe

Umbayi -  Madhurikkum Nunayalla


Orikkal nee paranju

Umbayi -  Orikkal Nee Paranju

Umbayi -  Madhuramo Nombaramo (Duet)

Umbayi -  Orkkathirikkan Sramichu Njan

Umbayi -  Iniyum Marikkathorormakalkkorupadu

Umbayi -  Pennente Chithathil Ennumorunmada

Umbayi -  Anuragachinthakal Ennum Niram Charthum

Umbayi -  Orkkathirikkan Sramichu Njan (Female)

Umbayi -  Madhuramo Nombaramo (Male)

Umbayi -  Manassenna Manthrikacheppil Vannu

Umbayi -  Onnum Parayathe Enthu Nee Cheykilum

Umbayi -  Madhuramo Nombaramo (Female)


Oru Mukham Mathram

Umbayi - Aakashaneelimayo

Umbayi - Priyane nee

Umbayi - Nirakannumayi

Umbayi - Oru nilatheerathu

Umbayi - Piriyuvan nerathu

Umbayi - Poomarakombathey

Umbayi - Nalekku vidaruvan

Umbayi - Nin mizhi

Umbayi - Iruliloru

Umbayi – Ariyathey


Paduka Saigal Padoo

Umbayi - Paduka saigal paadu

Umbayi - Ethorapoorva

Umbayi - Ennum oru poovu

Umbayi - Neela velicham

Umbayi - Parayu njan

Umbayi - Enthinu kottiyadakkunnu

Umbayi - Tharumo enikkoru

Umbayi - Njanariyathen

Umbayi - Eswar allah


Phir Wahi Sham

Umbayi - Choudvin ka chand

Umbayi - Zindagi bar boolegi

Umbayi - Tasveer banatha

Umbayi - Booli huyi yadon

Umbayi - Kaun aaya

Umbayi - Ea husn zara

Umbayi - Na yeh chand hoga

Umbayi - Tum agar saath

Umbayi - Dil aaj

Umbayi - Aazoo bhari hai

Umbayi - Dil ko aaj

Umbayi - Main kya jaanu


Pranamam Mehboob Ororma

Umbayi - Manasse

Umbayi - Ghanasandramee

Umbayi - Poovayi kulirayi

Umbayi - Ethra sudhamayam

Umbayi - Nin mandhahasam

Umbayi - Thediyalanju njan

Umbayi - Pathiravin

Umbayi - Oru nokku kanuvan

Umbayi - Nilavu

Umbayi - Cherupathil

Umbayi - Premamennalenthu

Download from 4Shared

Paduka Saigal Padu i sposted here already

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Oru Naal Varum - New Malayalam movie Song
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Oru Naal Varum - New Malayalam movie Song

Oru Naal Varum - 01 Paadan Ninakkoru [M] (320 Kbps High Quality) - Download

Oru Naal Varum - 02 Oru Kandan Poocha Varunne (320 Kbps High Quality) - Download

Oru Naal Varum - 03 Maavin Chottile Manamilla [F] (320 Kbps High Quality)- Download

Oru Naal Varum - 04 Nathoone Naathoone - Mohanlal (320 Kbps High Quality)- Download

Oru Naal Varum - 05 Paadan Ninakkoru [F] (320 Kbps High Quality)- Download

Oru Naal Varum - 06 Pranayanilavu (320 Kbps High Quality)- Download

Oru Naal Varum - 07 Maavin Chottile [M] (320 Kbps High Quality)- Download

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